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December 12-14
Atlanta Grand Masters at the Midtown Athletic Club

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Atlanta Represents at the 2012 World Masters

Gough Brings Home Bronze in M70+

August 2012

Atlanta's own sons William Cloherty and Michael Gough hopped across the pond to play in the revered World Masters. Hosted in Birmingham, England just before the Olympics, this prestigious event boasted 800+ players from across the globe. Asked about the event, Cloherty recalled that "... the whole event was marvelous. I got to play a couple hours each day."

William Cloherty and Michael Gough at the World Masters in Birmingham, England

The following article taken from squashworldmasters.com

I KNOW NOTHING... When I saw Bjorn, 71, warming up, I just wouldn't believe he was about to play in the over 70 category!!!! He is fitter than most of the 30s I know!!!! And when I watched Michael warming up with the Swedish - not exactly your typical bodybuilder you would say - I thought "poor old man, he's going to be eaten alive". THE LITTLE I KNOW!!!!! That's the magic of this game, isn't it? Yes, you can play and win if you are extremely fit, but you can play and won if you are not the athlete you once were, and still win... No offense, Michael, but you see what I mean, surely. Yes, Bjorn gave a good match to Michael, and we had some excellent and well fought rallies. But Michael had the tactic, and Bjorn stunning legs. And Michael, 73, dominated most of the match, except the third, where the legs were starting to be very heavy.. But technique and great shots overcame the power and some pretty good shots of the Swedish, who was supported by son and grand children, who really enjoyed not only the show, but also went on playing on the court afterwards... The virus is spreading of course...

Yes, I come from the US for this event. Not sure why, but I kept missing my boast today! It's so warm here, I'm from Atlanta, and today there, it's a nice 100°F, fresh and cool, and here I am, sweating like a pig!!! I would like to win the event, of course, but I'm taking it round by round. I hear the Brits have got a new 70 years old, we'll see. And I'm playing a very tough opponent tomorrow...

-Michael Gough