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December 12-14
Atlanta Grand Masters at the Midtown Athletic Club

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11th Annual DragonDocs Squash Championships Results

The Saleem Brothers Take the Open by Storm!

August 2012, by Matthew Morris

Once again, the 11th annual Dragon Doc was a complete roaring success. The three-day, action-packed weekend drew a respectful 105 entrants (over 3 dozen coming from out of town) who battled it out in 9 draws.

L-R: Nathan Dugan, Graham Basset, The Dragon Doc, Galen Le Cheminant and Matt Jensin

One of the weekend's highlights was the pro draw: Graham Bassett (USA), Galen Le Cheminant (ENG), Nathan Dugan (ENG) and, Matt Jensin (AUS). It was a amazing to witness this elite squash talent wisp through the rank of Atlanta’s best amateurs in the first round. Sunday’s final match pitted Bassett vs. Dugan in a 5 game duel. Ultimately, the spring in Bassett’s youthful legs finally helped him prevail (5), 10, 6, (6), 5.

The open draw heralded in a new Southeastern squash era as Denial Saleem, who plays for Columbia University, took the open over his younger brother Arhum Saleem in a 4 game match (13), 7, 3, 2. The traditional Chris Tham/Justin Mather final that we spectators are accustomed to viewing was not realized as Tham was beaten in the Semis by Denial and Mather unfortunately had to drop out of the draw due to personal reasons. The Saleem dominance was accentuated with an Arhum Nabil semi match with Arhum winning in 4.

Other notable achievements include Andrew McReynolds who played in TWO finals: the 4.5 and 5.0 draws! He was able to take the 4.5 draw over Chris Singerman. The 4.0 final pitted two rising Westminster juniors against each other: Will Grady and Garrett Donnelly. Grady took Garrett if 4 in a well played match. If this is any indication of the talent this year’s Westminster team holds, we might be looking at another high school national championship!

In other draws, Preetham Puttappa took Mark Stanton in 5 games (6), 9, (5), 9, 5 in 3.5s, the largest draw of the tournament. Michael Sharp beat Kingsley Agbeyegbe in the 3.0 final. Arman Singh won the 2.5 draw over Shashank Chauham in three. There was a woman’s 2.5 draw consisting of 9 challengers. Priya Sinha took Courtney Clement in 3 games.

Another thing worth mentioning is the strong contingent from Charleston who attended the tournament which enriched the depth of play and squash-camaraderie which was strongly felt.

The best line of the weekend came from Lynnie Minkowski Candler as she was walking into a 4.5 match pitted against her husband Sam Candler. Asked if they needed a ref, the quick response was, "No we need a marriage counselor!"

And as usual, Midtown’s own Tom Rumpler put together a flawless, fantastic fun-filled event. Thanks Tom! Dr. Gary Meyerson (The “Original” Dragon Doc) partnered-up with co-sponsor Dr. Pradeep Sinha and Dr. Ham Williams to allow this event to happen. Thank you Doctors! Many squash enthusiasts and players alike look forward to this gem of an event every year!


2.5: Armaan Singh d. Shashank Chauham 11,11,7

3.0: Michael Sharpe d. Kingsley Agbeyegbe 7,5,6

3.5: Preetham Puttappa d. Mark Stranton (6),9,(5),9,5

4.0: Will Grady d. Garrett Donnelly 3,5,(9),9

4.5: Andrew McReynolds d. Chris Signerman 3,5,5

5.0: Brad Heaven d. Andrew McReynolds 10,4,1

5.5: Geoff Roper d. Kevin Singerman (9),9,2,10

6.0: Denial Saleen d. Arhum Saleen (13),7,3,2

All result scores can be viewed on the US Squash website: US. Squash

Pro Draw Results:


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