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December 12-14
Atlanta Grand Masters at the Midtown Athletic Club

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Dragon Doc 2010

Dragon Doc - 2010 The ninth annual DragonDoc tourney at Midtown Club went off with a bang August 27-29 as the DD Gary Myerson continued to build the perennial Atlanta season opener.

A terrific pro draw produced the best pro final match ever seen at Windy Hill as Patrick Chifunda and Lazarus Chilufya spent 90 minutes pressuring each other to X-game-like extremes. Patrick’s patented scrambling dives were met with Lazarus’ leaping overhead nicks. Finally, the 2009 Championship Grande Egg goes home with Patrick Chifunda, by the narrowest of margins, (12),9,(11),8,9.

Tom Rumpler sends thanks to the title sponsor of Arthritis & Rheumatology Group of GA and Dr. Gary Myerson; presenting sponsor Muffley Homes, Mikel Muffley; Gold Patron Matthew Morris; Silver Patrons Mike Davison & Scott Monen; Bronze Patron Dr. Hamilton Williams.


3.0: Ron Lenore d. Rick Byrd, 12,9,2
3.5: Jonathan McMurry d. Richard Offutt, 7,4,(7),7
4.0: Aaron Myerson d. David Bridges, 9,2,2
4.5: Ashesh Chokshi d. William Cloherty, 5,10,6
5.0: Billy Benedict d. Markus Engelmann, 7,(3), 10, 9
5.5: Danial Saleem d. Adil Ismail, (9),6,7,4
50s: Tim Osborne d. David Bridges, (5),5,3,4
6.0: Justin Mather d. Ahmed Oweida, 9,5,8
Men’s Open: Patrick Chifunda d. Lazarus Chilufya, (12),9,(11),8,9
W4.0 (RR): Uzma Saleem, Arlene Chapman


Dragon Doc 2010