2014 - 2015  Events

December 12-14
Atlanta Grand Masters at the Midtown Athletic Club

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Charleston hosts first ever PSA Satellite event:

The Charleston Squash Club sponsored its first $2000 PSA Closed Satellite event in mid-May, with eight PSA professionals emerging from the first round with locals unscathed. In the second round, Charleston's Joe Millman scored an upset victory as he defeated a somewhat weary Jonas Laursen in three games. Louis Ragou, also a Charleston-based pro, lost in three to Richmond’s Patrick Chifunda. In a somewhat tight and testy match, Connecticut based Mauricio Dasso narrowly overcame the challenge of New Jersey Lifetime Fitness professional Ahmed Oweida - the first two games going into overtime, before winning the third comfortably for a 3-0 victory.

According to host pro Richard Millman, the match of the round and perhaps of the tournament was between the Round Hill Club of Greenwich, Connecticut's Graham Bassett and New Jersey based professional Karim Yehia. “In a memorable five setter, Graham narrowly lost the first and then proceeded to wear Karim down to take a two one lead. However with the US based Egyptian seemingly down and out, and aided by some unforced errors from his American opponent, Yehia mounted a great comeback and took the fourth. The fifth was a close run thing and went down to the wire, with Bassett emerging 11/9 thevictor,” said Millman.

The final was between Bassett and Chifunda. Millman wrote: “The opening game was very well contested with long rallies and fairly tight backhand length characterizing the opening exchanges. Despite a few unforced errors, it was generally a well played game, with little to choose between the two players. Chifunda's usual blasting power gained little advantage over Bassett, who seemed prepared to absorb the Virginia pro's attacks. The crowd was fully engaged and there was a good deal of applause, not to mention the 'OOOOhs!' and Aaaahs!' as both players made what seemed like impossible gets.” Chifunda emerged the winner, 11,6,5.
Millman also said many thanks to sponsors Jerry Theos and Ray Keane, Jay Luzuriaga and David Lewin and to patrons Harry Miley, Bob Sade and Alex Kent.