2014 - 2015  Events

December 12-14
Atlanta Grand Masters at the Midtown Athletic Club

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Merrill Lynch Grand Masters has 150 players in record draw

The 10th annual Atlanta Grand Masters drew a record 150 participants from across the country in early December, with play at Midtown Athletic Club and Westminster School. Players arrived from Salt Lake City, Wisconsin, Memphis, Boston, Charleston and Tuscaloosa to give battle in some very competitive draws. A splendid time was had by all, with the traditional Swapna dinner and a "Decade of Success" award for sponsor Keith Clemens.


M3.0: Preetham Puttappa d. Rick Byrd, 4,3,4
W3.0: Uzma Saleem d. Leslie Blythe, 6,0,9
M3.5: Marcus Weikvist d. Ricardo Garcia, 8.4.(6),6
M4.0: Neil Hendee d. Dave Bridges, 8,4,(8),7
M4.5: Scott McClanahan d. Billy Pate, 5,5,(5),6
M5.0: Neel Swami d. Sid Singh, 9,(9),10,(10),9
M6.0: Chris Tham d. Justin Mather, 6,2,6
M30s: Justin Mather d. Bupe Mulumba, 7,8,5
M35s: Chris Tham d. Jay Hatcher, 9,8,7
M40s: Adam Walker d. Chris Lang, 4,8,9
M50s: Eben Hardie d. Will Bigelow, 10,7,(7),8
M55s: Tom Rumpler d. Michael Kilgallon, 9,5,9
M60s: Scott Brooksbank d. Bert Kornyei, 9,5,3


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