2014 - 2015  Events

December 12-14
Atlanta Grand Masters at the Midtown Athletic Club

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2010 Merrill Lynch Grand Masters Pulls 125 to Atlanta

Tom’s Big One entered its 23rd annual incarnation in early December at Midtown. Presented by Grant Thornton, the play was terrific, particularly in the mid age groups and upper skill levels.

As Tom writes it: “Many stories will be told about our traditional weekend—stories of triumphs & disappointments, of inspiration & fellowship, of new friends & old nemeses.

One story stands out first, the outstanding 6.0s finals. Current 40s’ US National Champion John Musto met current British Open 50s Finalist Richard Millman. (These modifiers barely scratch the surface of these players’ pedigrees.) Both players had played 4 matches apiece on Saturday, and this was their 4th on Sunday. Messrs. Musto & Millman had each won their respective age group championships in their previous matches. Spectacular shot-making and court control finally brought Richard Millman his 2nd championship of the weekend.

One other double-winner stands out, the spry, ever-young Vincent Taylor from Canada, who ran through his 70s draw quite nicely, and then pulled back-to-back upsets in the 65s, taking out current British Open 70’s finalist Michael Gough in a 5 game semi, followed by a 4-game finals win over several time National Champion Bert Kornyei.”

Bob Burton also received nice kudos and the Lifetime Achievement Award from Keith and the tournament.

Results for the Grand Masters:
M3.0: David Lewis d. Trey Boone, 3-2
M3.5: David Nolan d. Fraser Gough, 3-0
M4.0: Scott McClanahan d. Tim Osborne, 3-1
M4.5: Pritesh Patel d. William Cloherty, 3-1
M5.0: Hany Elazery d. Ranil Goonesekera, 3-0
M6.0: Richard Millman d. John Musto, 3-1
M30s: Chris Tham d. Justin Mather, 3-0
M40s: John Musto d. Keith Clemens, 3-0
M50s: Richard Millman d. Will Bigelow, 3-0
M55s: Tom Rumpler d. Alladin Mitha, 3-0
M60s: Andrew Strasfogel d. Bruce Simons-Morton, 3-1
M65s: Vincent Taylor d. Bert Kornyei, 3-1
M70s: Vincent Taylor (RR)