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December 12-14
Atlanta Grand Masters at the Midtown Athletic Club

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2009 Lifetime Fitness Squash Open Results

I would like to thank all of you that participated in the first Life Time Fitness Squash Open at John's Creek.

It was a huge success with 64 players playing in the tournament. I am sure we will have double for our next event. And YES! We will host another event per your wishes!

I would like to thank Nadeem Ashraf (General Manager) for letting us host the event at John's Creek. Thx Nadeem. Most of you know him he played in the 4.5 level.

A big thank you to our sponsors Randy Pullen from Global Imports BMW & Mini (www.AtlantaBmw.com and www.AtlantaMini.com), Dunlop Sports, Anderson Courts and Gogo Logo (www.gogologoinc.com).

I would like to say a special thanks to all the referees, which made the tournament run so smooth and on time. Thank you to Mike Dunne, Robert Frazer, Stacy Zottneck and the Saleem family for the extra help!


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