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December 12-14
Atlanta Grand Masters at the Midtown Athletic Club

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Dragon Doc 2009

Dragon Doc - 2010Dr. Gary Myerson's signature event played out over a rainy August weekend. Over 80 players competed, most stepping up to play 2 draws. Outstanding performances featured Chris Tham's squeaker in the 6.0 draw, and John Mahorner's terrific play deep into the 6.0s & the finals of the 5.0s.

Also of note, the DragonDoc's son, Aaron, made it through to the semis of the 4.0s & the finals of the 3.5s. Coach Lynnie Minkowski won the Women's draw, and Coach Rumpler sneaked away with the 50's win. Other highlights included Memphis" Albert Johnson playing through to the semis of the 6.0s, and the championship of the 5.0s; 13-year old Arhum Saleem"s play in the 5.0s and 5.5s (losing only to Albert in the 5.0s); and Danial Saleem winning


3.0: Ron Lenore d. Rick Byrd, 12,9,2
3.5: Jonathan McMurry d. Richard Offutt, 7,4,(7),7
4.0: Aaron Myerson d. David Bridges, 9,2,2
4.5: Ashesh Chokshi d. William Cloherty, 5,10,6
5.0: Billy Benedict d. Markus Engelmann, 7,(3), 10, 9
5.5: Danial Saleem d. Adil Ismail, (9),6,7,4
50s: Tim Osborne d. David Bridges, (5),5,3,4
6.0: Justin Mather d. Ahmed Oweida, 9,5,8
Men’s Open: Patrick Chifunda d. Lazarus Chilufya, (12),9,(11),8,9
W4.0 (RR): Uzma Saleem, Arlene Chapman


Dragon Doc 2010