2012 Events

June 16th - 17th
Georgia Games 2012 Squash Championships

July 7th
MUSC Harper Wellness Center Supper Grand Prix

July 14th
Charlotte Athletic Club Summer Grand Prix

August 24th - 26th
11th Annual Dragon Doc at the Midtown Athletic Club

December 7th - 9th
Merrill Lumch Atlanat Grand Masters at the Midtown Athletic Club
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BofA Merrill Lynch Charleston Challenge

October 16-18 - Richard Millman’s Charleston Squash Club hosted the third annual tournament October 17, with a combination of singles and doubles events. Sponsored by KeitClemens, the BofAMLCC boasted 70 players across all events and a full weekend of bon vivantsin the “Holy City.”

Star player of the weekend was junior Reynolds Ball, who scrapped his way through both the doubles and two singles events, gathering in a multi-colored trophy for his performance in the 4.0 division.

Doubles winners David Lewin and Harry Miley with finalists Bob and Rob Burton