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December 12-14
Atlanta Grand Masters at the Midtown Athletic Club

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2007 memphis Open


The first Memphis Open was held at Rhodes College on May 11 to 13. Sponsored by Merrill Lynch’s Keith Clemens and Pegasus Partners’ Marc Borrelli, the tourney is one of four events in what amounts to a southeastern amateur tour.

 Memphis Squash Open

With tournament co-chairs Martin Daniel and Alwyn Callender putting on the first all-city squash event Memphis has seen, players were coming from all corners of the city. The barbeque wasn’t bad, either!


3.0--Will McGehee winner; George Nasser finalist.
3.5--Ronnie Barassi winner; Thornton Brooksbank finalist.
3.5 consol winner--Jason Rothchild.
4.0--Nick Pellegrin winner; Gary Wilson finalist.
4.0 consol winner--Ronnie Barassi
4.5--Martin Daniel winner; Nick Pellegrin finalist.
4.5 consol winner--John Branston
5.5--Brooks Lyons winner; Alwyn Callender finalist.