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December 12-14
Atlanta Grand Masters at the Midtown Athletic Club

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Dragon Doc 2007

Dragon Doc - 2010The DragonDoc summerfest at Midtown Athletic Club at Windy Hill drew a strong field for both amateur and pro events. Hosted by the DragonDoc, Gary Myerson and Florida's Jeff Tomberg, more than 100 entrants tackled opponents in 14 draws on the super-hot courts. Thanks to the hosts!

The PSA field was marked by upsets as South Africa's Reggie Schonborn, the fifth seed, defeated Egyptian Ahmed Hamza, the fourth seed, in the final, 7,(5),7,10. The best run of the tournament, however, belonged to Zimbabwean (and Trinity player) Shaun Johnstone, who played through the qualifiers and well into the main draw, a total of five matches in three days, before losing to Schonborn in the semis in five.


3.0: Bruce Ball d. Rob Armstrong, 0,6,1
3.5: Vivek Markandan d. Prashant Devaraju, 8,3,(5),4
4.0: John Woodhams d. Tim Ely, (4),(8),0,7,2
4.5: Facundo Fabbri d. Clark Emerson, 2,6,4
5.0: Sawyer Duncan d. Todd Knutson, (9),2,2,6
5.5: Craig McCready d. Edgar Navas, 6,7,7
6.0: Graham Bassett d. Richard Millman, (6),1,0,2
50+: Reed Slater d. Tom Rumpler, (2),(2),8,9,7
50B: Tim Ely d. Jim Wellman, 4,(7),1,0
Women's Round Robin: Catie Warner and Pat Millman
BU17: Sheldon Taylor d. Michael Sankovich, (1),2,(8),6,7
BU19 Round Robin: Sawyer Duncan and Derek Rowley
GU17 Round Robin: Gibbs Cullen and Lauren Nelson