2014 - 2015  Events

December 12-14
Atlanta Grand Masters at the Midtown Athletic Club

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Charleston Squash Club hosts first annual Invitational Doubles event:

Players from Atlanta, Cincinnati, Philadelphia and the Carolinas descended on the Charleston Squash Club to compete in their first tournament since the club opened last September.


Michael Coombe and Bob Burton defeated Richard and Pat Millman to win.
David Lewin and Todd Abedon defeated Alladin Mitha and Marty Hutchinson for 3rd.
John Crawford and Alex Kent defeated Edward Jackson and Peter McGhee in the consolations.

Tom Rumpler and Alladin Mitha defeated Harry Miley and Joe Qualey to win.
Bruce Ball and Bob Burton defeated Buddy Darby and Berry Rudisill for 3rd.
Bob Sade and Joe Huber defeated Paul Gingrich and Richard Friedman in the consolations.

Richard Millman and Alex Kent defeated Tom Rumpler and Alladin Mitha to win.
Pat Millman and Paige King defeated Jeff Hass and Bruce Ball in the consolations.

With a major singles event coming up Feb. 9-11 at Charleston and Kiawah, pro Richard Millman set a high standard for the two singles, one doubles court facility.

I suggest you make the drive in early February for some squash and golf in Charleston. It’s a great venue for spouses as well.


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