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December 12-14
Atlanta Grand Masters at the Midtown Athletic Club

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2006 Sandler O’Neill Southeastern Championships

The 15th annual Southeastern Championships were held on February 24-26 at the Sporting Club of Windy Hill.


3.0: Cooper Veysey def. Kyungsoo Woo, 3-1
3.5: Lisa Teer def. Matt Morris, 3-0
4.0: Billy Potter def. Facundo Fabbri, 3-0
4.5: Albert Johnson def. William Cloherty, 3-1
5.0: Thomas DeLange def. Romain Coirault, 3-0
5.5: Sawyer Duncan def. Tom Rumpler, 3-2
6.0: Diniar Alikhan def. Peter Kelly, 3-1
40+: David Espinosa def. Trey Paris, 3-0
55+: Murray Gilman def. Alladin Mitha, 3-0
50b: Peter Popovich def. Raj Swami, 3-1