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2006 Piedmont Driving Club Invitational

April, 2006

Squashers of all ages, shapes, and sizes came from across the country to participate in the Driving Club’s squash Invitational in April. Joining the usual contingent from Toronto, led by John Leheu, were players like Charlie Khan from St. Louis, Charlie Johnson from Dayton, Jack Wyant per et fils from Cincinnati and Philadelphia, New York’s Kit Tatum, and a very healthy Louisville contingent.

At the usual exceptional gala dinner, host pro Alladin Mitha unveiled the newly-created Goodman Trophy in honor of PDC member Frank Goodman, a native of Louisville whose efforts were instrumental in developing the game of squash in Atlanta in the 70s. The Goodman Trophy will be awarded each year to the winner in the PDC’s annual team match with Louisville, a contest Frank initiated and which was revived three years ago.


Singles: Finalist Winner
3.0 F. Gough Atl, Ga Bob Boone Columbia, S.C.
3.5 Quill Healey PDC Chris Laing PDC
4.0 Ridley Hailey PDC M. Goodwin Atl, Ga
4.5 Billy Benedict PDC Richard Davis Dallas, Tx
5.0 Sandy Draper PDC Jay Hatcher Louisville, Ky
40+ Gary Myerson Atl, Ga. Ian Henderson PDC
50+ Tom Rumpler Atl, Ga. Charlie Khan St. Louis, Mi
55+ M. Gilman Atl, Ga. Alladin, Mitha PDC
60+ Jim Wellman Atl, Ga. Michael Gough Atl, Ga
Open Peter Kelly Atl, Ga. Jack Wyant Phildelphia, PA

Doubles: Finalist Winner
60+ John LeHeup Toronto, Can Ted Marmor New Haven, Conn
Kit Tatum NYC C. Amos St. Louis, Mi
50+ B. Burton Atl Alladin Mitha PDC
A. Lanier Cinn, Ohio Kit Tatum NYC
B Gordon Benedict PDC Terry Finn St. Louis, Mi
T. Neuner St. Louis, Mi C. Amos St. Louis, Mi
Open Doug Leeson PDC Charlie Kahn St. Louis, Mi
J. Keely Philadelphia D. Frost NYC