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December 12-14
Atlanta Grand Masters at the Midtown Athletic Club

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2006 Atlanta Open

May 2006

Packed draws and competitive squash marked the Atlanta Open this year at Concourse Athletic Club. Andre Maur’s pro draw lived up to expectations, as the pros played through a long string of qualifiers to even reach the main draw. Top contenders included: Beau River, Mick Joint, Bertand Tissot, Karim Yehia, Joe Millman, Patrick Chifunda, Ryan Donegan, Robert McFadzean, our Andre, Robby Lingashi, Armando Olguin, Manuel Fregoso, Lucky Odeh, and Luke Margan … and that was just the qualifiers!
Shawn DeLierre, Andre, and Ken Stillman

Shawn DeLierre, Andre, and Ken Stillman

In the main draw, Shawn DeLierre is the second Canadian to win the Atlanta Open after beating Eric Galvez in an marathon match lasting over 2 hours and 10 min winning (4), 9, (7), 5, 7. The first 2 games lasted 65 minutes. Galvez, leading 2-1 in games, could not find a winning game after that as the rallies were getting longer by the minute. Bothplayers played to their full potential and DeLierre came out stronger, winning his first Atlanta Open.

Pro Draw Results


LEVEL 6.0 1. Rob Wilkens 2. Mick Joint
LEVEL 5.5 1. Justin Mather 2. Keith Clemens
LEVEL 5.0 1. Tom De Lange 2. Brent Harris
LEVEL 4.5 1. Ben Kingston 2. Pradeep Jolly
LEVEL 4.0 1. Petras Baniulis 2. Werner Louw
LEVEL 3.5 1. Peter Popovich 2. Lane Hammond
LEVEL 3.0 1.Owen Doyle 2. Kishore Vasani
JUNIORS 1. Sheldon Taylor 2. Kedira Ismail