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2004 British Open

November, 2004

Next, part of the goal of SESRA is to pay attention to Atlanta’s squash profile nationally and internationally. To that end, our own Michael Gough, who this spring won the U.S. National 65 title, traveled to the British Open in early November to represent the colonies.

As he left for his first match, expressing a typical international attitude toward U.S. squash, his mother said she hoped he would win a point. Instead, our man won his first match against John Daynes 3,0,0. He then played the second seed, Pat Kirton of Surrey, and went up 9-2, 9-2 before succumbing 2,0,2. Kirton went on to take the eventual winner, John Woodliffe, to five games. Michael’s comment on his match: “he was a better squash player, but I was more physical. I started thinking I could actually win the damn thing! My message to the U.S. is that we can absolutely compete on this level.”

An interesting sidelight is the attached op-ed article criticizing U.S. players for not making the trip to what is still considered the pinnacle of squash tournaments. Michael is said to be considering a chartered plane for Atlanta entrants next year, so let him know of your interest!