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December 12-14
Atlanta Grand Masters at the Midtown Athletic Club

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Atlanta Interclub

First, we just finished the three-way interclub playoff at Concourse on Saturday, November 20 and as the Beatles guaranteed, the splendid time was had by all.

First Poole Cup

Last Men Standing: Sandy Draper and Chad Plumly completed the Atlanta InterClub competition on Nov. 20. A partial group of players and participants included (front row l to r) Ham Williams, Alladin Mitha, Frank Fabbri, Andre Maur, Diniar Alikham, Paul Fairleigh, (back row l to r) Captain Dave Bridges, Mack McCready, Craig McCready, Lee Evans, Sandy Draper, Rene Jongmans, Chad Plumly, Ashesh Choksi, John O’Donnell, Karen Levine, Captain Oscar Arenas, Mark Bertram, and John Gordon.

Thanks to Concourse, as well as Andre and Danielle Mauer for their support and organization, to pros Tom Rumpler and Alladin Mitha for putting their members behind the idea, and to captains Oscar Arenas and Dave Bridges for their hard work.

Here’s what happened: 15 person club teams, each divided into three divisions (5.0+, 4.0+, and 3.0+) played off against each other for the overall Henry Cup trophy, as well as division honors. Winners were determined by total matches won rather than head-to-head competition.

Head to head, Windy Hill defeated Concourse 8-7 and both Windy Hill and Concourse defeated Piedmont Driving Club 13-2. The margin was equally narrow in total matches won, as Windy Hill took 21 of 45 matches, Concourse took 20 matches, and Piedmont took 4.

Coming from a much smaller player base, Piedmont’s total results were particularly important at the 3.0 level. Against Concourse’s Alan Patterson, Lee Evans went five games. At 8-6 in the fifth, Patterson offered a stroke and the match but Evans preferred to play it out and succumbed 10-8. Had he won the match, Piedmont would have beaten Concourse in the 3.0 division as subsequently John Gordon pulled out a five-game win over John O’Donnell and Ridley Hailey took Paul Fairleigh 3-0.

Overall, Concourse and Windy Hill matches were tied coming into the last two hours which made every game count, no matter the opponent. Piedmont pro Alladin Mitha called his team the Ralph Nader of the contest, tipping the results back and forth. Both Piedmont 3.0 wins over Concourse came in the last 90 minutes and denied the host club the tying match win.

The 5.0+ division was as close as it can get. Windy Hill’s Chris Tham, Sujit Sharma, and Todd Knutson went 2-0 on the day, as did Concourse’s Andre Maur and Rene Jongmans. Although Windy Hill defeated Concourse head to head by a 3-2 margin, total 5.0 matches were just one apart coming into the last contest of the day. Piedmont’s Sandy Draper took Windy Hill last-minute injury replacement Chad Plumly 3-1, leaving Concourse and Windy Hill tied in matches won at the 5.0 level and Concourse edging ahead with one game more in their column.

In the 4.0s, Concourse was dominant with Jamie Jamison, Oscar Arenas, Tom Thompson, and Pradeep Jolly taking both matches. Windy Hill’s Craig McCready took John Mahorner 3-0 to notch the only loss for Concourse, while Jolly held off Windy Hill’s Bill Basnett in a critical five-game marathon late in the day.
Windy Hill’s 3.0 team was equally dominant, with the only loss coming against Chris Mottley at the hands of Patterson, 3-1. Greg Sumners, Steve Odom, Mack McCready, and Ham Williams were unblemished. McCready, in particular, took the deciding Concourse-Windy Hill contest 3-0 against Karen Levine late in the afternoon.

The galleries were great, the players courteous, and the enthusiasm level was high. Just wait until next year! Full results are attached at the end of this piece.


  • Windy Hill def. Concourse, 8-7
  • Concourse def. Piedmont, 13-2
  • Windy Hill def. Piedmont, 13-2


Matches Won

Games Won

  Concourse 20 65  
  Windy Hill 21 70  
  Piedmont 4 17  
  Concourse 7 24  
  Windy Hill 7 23  
  Piedmont 1 3  
  Concourse 9 24  
  Windy Hill 5 19  
  Piedmont 1 5  
  Concourse 4 14  
  Windy Hill 9 28  
  Piedmont 2 9