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New Director of Chucktown Squash Announced!

Dear Friends of Chucktown Squash:

It is our great privilege to inform you that we have concluded our search for the next Director of Chucktown Squash! Sam Candler accepted the position and is looking forward to growing the program, reaching more students on the court, in the classroom, and in the community.

A nationwide search for Director candidates to replace Anna Minkowski, helped us realize that the best candidate was here in Charleston. Since coming to Charleston last year, Sam has been such a tireless volunteer for Chucktown that the kids already consider him a member of the team.

Sam has been an avid squash player since stepping on the court 10 years ago. He is a commercial rated pilot and has been buying, flying, and selling small aircraft since moving to Charleston in 2011. He earned his BA from St. John's College in Annapolis, MD where he studied The Great Books Program.

Sam's qualifications are many, but perhaps most importantly, he cares deeply for the kids in the Chucktown Squash program with whom he has bonded while volunteering for the past year.

We have aggressive goals for the program and for Sam. He is on board with these targets, and is eager to make progress towards our mutual goals!

Please join me in welcoming Sam to the Chucktown Squash Team!


The Board of Chucktown Squash
Todd Abedon, Chair