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December 12-14
Atlanta Grand Masters at the Midtown Athletic Club

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An Update from Lynnie Minkowski Candler From Chucktown

I have been in Charleston for about 6 months. You can't beat having the beach and squash courts in the same town! It is a beautiful place to live. I miss my Atlanta squash crew, but not the traffic!

The squash scene is small but dedicated. There is a private squash facility that has two singles courts and a gorgeous doubles court where most squash enthusiasts play. There are also 2 convertible courts at the College of Charleston, and two narrow courts at MUSC (the Medical University). Our program, Chucktown Squash, uses C of C courts during the week, and practices at MUSC on Saturdays.

We work with students from 5th-8th grade and are considering 3rd, and 4th grade participation. We have recently split our practices into boys and girls teams as the middle school years can be well... tricky, however, we have an all team practice (boys and girls) on Saturdays which both teams look forward to.

I have been back to Atlanta a ton! I have come back to play in the Lapham Grant, visit friends and family, see my old students, and most recently to bring 8 of our scholar athletes to compete in the first Junior SmashUP! taking place at Midtown Athletic Club. It was a huge success, and was the first time for some of us to stay in a hotel, go outside South Carolina, and definitely the first real competition we have seen! We will plan to come back as much as possible to participate in events like the SmashUP! and continue to foster junior squash in the Southeast!!!! Thanks to Tom Rumpler, SESRA and Midtown for hosting such a great kickoff event!

Chucktown Squash is getting on the road again heading to Baltimore on May 19th to play our sister program, Baltimore SquashWise. I can already see a huge difference in our team since Atlanta. Our practices are more focused and intense and there is more sweat and less complaining. I even had a REQUEST for bootcamp, a dreaded weekly session of high intensity speed and agility training. The attitude change shows the importance of competition and seeing other squash juniors in action. My students are still talking about Tommy Rankin's backhand, Anay's serve and Vishan's short shots. Check out this video we made to sum up our weekend in Atlanta.


To get to Baltimore we are looking for some Travel Team sponsors if anyone from SESRA or ATL is interested in supporting and celebrating our scholar athletes! To sponsor one student is $500 and we are hopeful to take 16 if we can raise the funds. Here is a link to our donation page:


I am loving my job as Program Director and look forward to what the next year holds for us.



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