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Chucktown Squash Hosts a Donna Urquhart Squash Clinic

October, 2012 by Sam Candler

Chucktown Squash thanks Donna Urquhart for leading them in a Junior's Clinic last Thursday and demonstrating the potential for women's squash in the Southeast.

Chucktown Squash, an Urban Squash and Education Program, is the only one of its kind in the Southeast and has been providing opportunities for Charleston's underserved youth through squash instruction and after-school tutoring since 2010.

Last Thursday, Donna Urquhart (Ranked No.17 in the World for Women's Squash) led five Chucktown Squash students in a clinic before playing an exhibition match against the Charleston Squash Club's Matt Jenson.

Three years ago, none of the students of Chucktown Squash had even heard of the sport, much less stepped on a squash court and hit a ball. Until recently, like much of the Southeast, Charleston's racquet-sports consisted mainly of tennis with a hint of racquetball. Led by a committed group of squash players, the Charleston Squash Club was born and with it came competitive squash in Charleston.

Not far behind, Chucktown Squash was formed in 2010 by local squash players who saw the opportunity to use squash as a tool to lead Charleston's urban youth to high school graduation and on to college. In it's third year, Chucktown Squash has already seen a dramatic improvement in student grades and the team has travelled to Atlanta and Baltimore to play in tournaments.

Thursday, Donna Urquhart gave the Chucktown Squash students the chance of a lifetime, to play points against a world-class squash player. Donna gave one-on-one instruction followed by a fantastic exhibition vs. fellow Aussie, Matt Jenson.

The students were mesmerized by the caliber of play and by Donna's talent, taking special note of her focused warm-up routine before the match.

Donna and Matt left all five students with a new motivation to work harder, move faster, and reach further.

As a female squash player, Donna set the bar for the Chucktown Squash girl's team and she reminded the boys team that they better keep practicing because being a boy isn't enough to win.

Thanks to Matt for bringing Charleston a night of first-class squash and for his continued support of Chucktown Squash. As Charleston's squash community grows, we hope Donna will return soon, bringing with her the momentum of women's squash to the Southeast.

For more information on how to join Donna and Matt in supporting Chucktown Squash, please visit www.chucktownsquash.org/support-us